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Product Authentication (Counterfeit Prevention)




Counterfeiting is a huge business (7% of global trade by some reports)  For those clients who wish to  ensure the integrity of their products in market, we are able to offer Green Codes as an anti counterfeiting measure.

Use the Green Codes platform to fight counterfeiters, build  brand, track  in-market sales, and engage directly with your consumers.

Green Codes marks every individual packaged product with a unique QR code that consumers can easily use to check it is authentic.

Each retail unit is printed with a unique QR code at an individual level.  Unlike barcodes, proprietary codes or physical markers, QR codes are extremely user-friendly, and can be used by anybody with a smartphone. Solutions that aren’t unique at the unit level simply can’t provide the level of trust that Green Codes does.

To avoid detection, a counterfeiter will need to be able to mass-produce authentic, unique codes themselves. This is a practical impossibility.

the New Zealand agent for Green Code is ExpanderNZ.  We shall liaise with ExpanderNZ to determine the cost for your planned application.




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