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The Pricing of Milk Powders

Milk powder prices like other dairy commodities can be volatile and change constantly according to global demand.  Pricing for New Zealand dairy products is set internationally via the Global Dairy Trade auction platform for internationally-traded commodity dairy products.

Established in 2008, Global Dairy Trade has become the leading price reference indicator for traded dairy products. The auctions, which are referred to as trading events, are run twice each month.   

Once the price is set at each auction, the spot price is reset for the local purchase of milk powders and other dairy products.  These are set at a premium to the Global dairy auction price as volumes are generally somewhat lower than those included in the auction.
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As the pricing for milk powders changes each two weeks, each shipment must be quoted individually on the current price of milk powders.

For clients wishing to commit to minimum contracted volumes of 10 ton per month it is possible to offer a fixed price. 

For clients wishing to commit to fixed price supply contacts, New Zealand Dairy Brands Limited can assist,

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