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18 January 2017
Go Milk Flavoured Milk Powders coming soon in 400g tin cans!
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As well as Skim and Full cream in 800g tin cans!
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  5 January 2017
   Packaging graphic design change!
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 September 2015
New Health Food Brand!
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17 January 2015

New Zealand Dairy Brands  and its parent company have become an approved supplier to Costco with supply of own branded goods commencing early 2015.   This is an association of which we are extremely proud and is a result of our reputation for delivering high quality well priced goods and services and adherence to extremely  robust quality practices.

This adds to several manufacture and supply arrangements with multinational companies an
d it is anticipated more will be finalised within the ensuing several months.

1 September 2014
   NZ Food and Beverage Magazine

NZ firm creates health focused flavoured milk

Go Milk strawberry-56

Christchurch-based New Zealand Dairy Brands believes it is a world leader in its sector in the production of health products with the launch of its highly innovative Go Milk flavoured milks.

The range has no added sugar, a low GI (glycaemic loading) and is low fat, making it suitable for diabetics and excellent in the fight against obesity. The product was a recent finalist in the NZIFST awards in the product innovation category.

Just released on New World and Pak n Save supermarket shelves in New Zealand, a trial export shipment of Go Milk has already been sent to China and the product is destined for the Australian market also.

Over a year in testing, Go Milk has been approved by the Canterbury District Health Board’s Diabetes Research team as suitable for use by diabetics validating the no added sugar claims

Vladan Vukovic, director of New Zealand Dairy Brands, said that the flavoured milk powder’s many health benefits are matched by its ease of use and versatility.

"You only have to add water and you have a beautiful low fat, 97% pure, milk drink. Because it is sold in single serve sachets in powder form it is ideal for school lunches, work, outdoors, holiday homes and a large number of other applications, as you only need to add water.

"Because you only need a refrigerator once the water has been added, it is also ideal for warm climates and has many rural applications due to its long shelf life. Rural Australia would make a great market for this product because of the temperatures and the vastness of the country and sparseness of towns and cities," he said.

By nature, milk is a rich source of calcium and natural protein, and by using a zero calorie natural sweetener from the stevia plant in South America, we deliberately avoided added sugar as we see sugar avoidance as a growing market trend.

"We have done exhaustive field tests, including schools, sports clubs, a hospital and school camps. The reaction has been extremely positive. It is virtually identical to the taste and texture of liquid, sugar sweetened flavoured milks" he said.

"While flavoured milk is traditionally consumed by children, there is the capacity for real growth in the adult market with global demand for flavoured milks of all types anticipated to increase by 60% over the next three years.

"Because Go Milk is a health focused drink it can only be good for the welfare of New Zealand, especially in the established children’s market, and also for diabetics," he said.

Go Milk comes in three flavours - banana, chocolate and strawberry and is manufactured in Christchurch by New Zealand Dairy Brands parent company - Wimpex Ltd. Wimpex holds a Dairy Export RMP licence, issued by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries and is a licensed dairy exporter and also an accredited dairy manufacturer with the Government of the People’s Republic of China. It also operates under a Ministry approved Food Safety Programme for non-dairy product lines

Wimpex specialises in the toll processing and contract packaging of dry powder and granulated food and manufactures some 10 million retail units per annum for some of Australasia’s best known supermarket brands.

Wimpex’s 11 highly sanitised and environmentally controlled packaging and blending rooms are equipped with some of the highest capacity packaging lines in New Zealand under the control of a highly qualified dedicated quality team. "We take our responsibility as a manufacturer of food very seriously," says Vladan.


31 August 2014

News Article Christchurch Press

Christchurch-based food maker and packager New Zealand Dairy Brands says just adding water to its Go Milk flavoured milk sachets should drive consumer demand for the new product.

NZDB owners Vladan Vukovic and Neil Cullen believe the two years of development of the "milk on the go" product fits in with their company's aim to be a world leader within a specialised food sector. It is already on some supermarket shelves.

The powdered milk, including chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours, has no added sugar, low fat, with water added to make the drink suitable for school children and trampers in the high country alike.

With a natural sweetener the product fitted with the fight against obesity, and had also been recognised by the Canterbury District Health Board's Diabetes Research team as suitable for use by diabetics, Vukovic said.

It is a mixture of ingredients including milk powder sourced from Synlait Milk's Dunsandel factory.

The NZDB pair became business partners by chance. They also own NZDB parent Wimpex Ltd.

Cullen answered a job advertisement four years ago by Vukovic to find help to build up his business. He had a background in finance and banking, having worked in a senior South Island role for National Bank, also having worked in Africa on a variety of development projects, one led by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Vukovic, a Serb, came to Christchurch about 10 years ago with very little cash in his pocket "a credit card with a $3000 limit" and worked in a variety of jobs including milking cows and as a Red Bus driver. For two seasons he worked for Synlait Milk at their Dunsandel factory helping start a packaging line.

He and his wife Natasa came to New Zealand after part of their family packaging company employing 150 staff was destroyed by a fire, a result of misfired missile during the east European crisis of the late 1990s.

In Christchurch he first established Wimpex as a small factory in Sydenham, before shifting to a leased property in Hornby. "I started actually with very limited or no capital at all. It's pretty risky but that is how business is done in Europe. I started it in my days off. I was working four days on, four days off," Vukovic said.

He tried to establish his own branded products, some of which are still being manufactured. But contract work for other large manufacturer soon became the mainstay of the business and is now 90 per cent of revenues. Contract customers include Healtheries and Tetley.

The factory, a base for 25 staff, contains 11 packaging and blending rooms, running with environment and quality controls.

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The packaging lines were made in China, and the production processes world class, Cullen said. "We've got some of the most up to date, highest capacity packaging equipment in the country," Cullen said.

The factory now turns out more than 260 packaged products for the supermarket shelves, having imported or sourced raw ingredients then blending them into the retail format for about 25 customers such as Tetley's (owned by Indian conglomerate Tata Group).

"(A Tetleys Chai Latte Classic product can be) quite a complex one, in that the packaging film comes from China, the foaming agent from the Netherlands, the tea powder comes from India," Cullen said.

Wimpex manufactures some 6 million to 8 million retail units per annum for some of Australasia's known brands and had annual revenues in the order of $8 million, Vukovic said. The company had seen more than 200 per cent growth year on year for the last five years.

The three Go Milk flavours have just been released through a Christchurch distributor into New World and Pak 'n Save supermarket shelves. A shipment of Go Milk had been sent to a distributor in China and it will be exported to Australia too.

A Wood: Deputy Business editor Christchurch Press 31.8.2014

3 August 2014

Diabetes Research Approves Flavoured Go Milks for Consumption by Diabetics

Canterbury Diabetes Research Centre has approved the GO MIlk range of flavoured milks as suitable for consumption by diabetics, underpinning the no added sugar claims which deliver health benefits to both Diabetics and the general population.  The Canterbury Diabetes Society is also stocking the product along with New World Supermarkets.


30 JULY 2013
A New Way of Thinking About Milk - Powdered Flavoured Milk Drinks

Although flavoured milk consumption falls well behind that of alternate beverage types such as carbonated drinks, there is a growing acceptance of the health benefits of flavoured milk.

Traditionally flavoured milks have been regarded as a liquid product, however a New Zealand company has developed “GO Milk”  - flavoured milk powders using natural flavours and a zero calorie natural sweetener.   Go Milk flavoured Milks have a very low glycaemic loading as a consequence.

Being in powdered form and contained in a high barrier sachet film there is no need for expensive refrigeration prior to the product being mixed with water.  This greatly simplifies and reduces distribution costs, particularly in warm climates.

Traditionally consumed by children, there is the capacity for real growth in the adult segment of the population with global demand for flavoured milks of all types anticipated in increase by 70% over the next three years. Consumers are quickly recognising flavoured milks are a product where where taste and health intersect.

New Zealand Dairy Brands Limited see strong  consumer demand, particularly in Asia,  for their single serve sachets of “Go Milk” flavoured milks.  Simply mix with water in a bottle or glass to obtain a healthy thirst quenching drink.

Ideal for children’s lunches or an any time convenient drink, Go Milk flavoured milk drinks are 97% milk powder bring all the nutrition benefits of milk for both growing and adult bodies.

Below are remarks made by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy at the launch of the strategy for sustainable dairy farming 2013-2020 and sustainable dairying: water accord. 



10 JUNE 2013

Sustainability of The New Zealand Dairy Industry 2013

Following are remarks made by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy at the launch of the strategy for sustainable dairy farming 2013-2020 and sustainable dairying: water accord.


"The Dairy industry is one of the most important industries we have. It generates around $14 billion in exports per year.

One of my major goals as Minister for Primary Industries is achieving the “export double” – doubling our primary sector exports by 2025.

In doing this we need to have an emphasis on exporting goods that are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner that add real value.

It should be clear to everyone that we are not faced with a choice between the economy or the environment. It has to be both."

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